Online retailers had good reason to believe the holiday hustle would start with a bang: A November 2016 survey by Accenture found that two-thirds of internet users planned to hunt for deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday… and they did! In fact, $1 billion of the $3 billion spent on Black Friday can be attributed to mobile shoppers. So, besides ensuring that your eCommerce website is running smoothly on both desktop and mobile devices, what else can you do to keep your customers coming back AFTER the Cyber Monday rush?

1. Put Out the Welcome Mat
Greet each new visitor with a discount they can use immediately in exchange for a subscription to your newsletter. A pop-up coupon for 20 percent off, for example, is often too tempting for shoppers to refuse. Use your database to save their email addresses for additional targeting options throughout the holiday season and the year ahead.

2. Create a Facebook Audience
Hopefully, you used the Facebook pixel tracker to monitor the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers arriving to your online store from Facebook. Whether they arrived through organic page posts or paid advertisements, you can use the collected data, along with Facebook Ads Manager, to create a new audience that’s demographically similar to this group. Target specific products to these customers using metrics such as age, income level, geographic location and interests. Additional info HERE.

3. Revisit Apps and Extensions
Does your eCommerce platform have more to offer? Revisit the apps, widgets and extensions you’re currently paying for and experiment with something new. Since eCommerce platforms such as Magento and Shopify are continually improving their products, it is possible you’ve overlooked a tool that could take sales up a notch. For example, Shopify works in tandem with Pinterest to create pins with built-in “Buy” buttons. When the shopper engages with the buyable pin, they check out at your store just as any other customer. Check it out HERE. Or browse through the Magento Marketplace for an entirely new extension!

4. Discount for Repeat Visitors
Use your newsletter to invite customers back to your store. Flash sales, promo codes or discounts on abandoned carts are all good excuses to make contact with the deal hunters who descended on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Make sure to keep metrics on those who returned and took advantage of your offer. Definitely consider MailChimp and/or Springbot to track your customers and automate these processes!

5. Look Backward
Take a look at last year’s campaign. You might discover trends you didn’t notice before, good ideas you abandoned and content you can recycle. A fresh look at graphic designs and other advertising materials can generate a new perspective on your strengths and weaknesses.

6. Pack to Promote
Pack orders with the goal of bringing customers back for another visit. Include a coupon code for a future purchase — you can even make it fun with a scratch-off. The same card can promote a special offer, such as a popular product bundled with two or three other products. If the shopper reuses this “bonus,” it’s likely he or she will view your store in a positive way and continue to return. Also, it couldn’t hurt to pack shipments using a festive envelope or holiday-themed tissue paper!

7. Sponsor a Charity
It’s the season of giving, so show your goodwill by sponsoring a charity your customers would support by pledging a percentage of new sales to the endeavor. Or, you can try this slight variation: promote a ‘giveaway’ that includes a donation to the winner’s choice of charities. Of course, your home page and ancillary graphics should highlight these chartable efforts.

8. Do What You Always Do
In all the excitement, maintain the good habits you’ve already cultivated. Keep your site updated and inventory stocked. Encourage product reviews and customer service feedback. Ultimately, there’s no replacement for good business practices and a reputation as shiny as the holiday paper your products will be wrapped in!

Hopefully, you found these tips useful! Feel free to get in touch with thoughts and feedback at [email protected] – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!