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eCommerce Growth & Retention Specialists

A full-service, collaborative agency launching and scaling the next generation of eCommerce businesses.
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Our Services

New Builds, Redesigns, & Replatforms

We design and develop high-converting eCommerce experiences. Eastmont offers re-platforms to Shopify and Bigcommerce as well as UX/UI design, development, and strategy for eCommerce brands looking to take their on-site customer experience to the next level.


We optimize end-to-end consumer experiences. With a senior team of conversion strategists with a core focus on ROI-driven metrics top of mind, our team prides itself on collaboration to marry your priorities with our recommendations. From A/B testing to best practice UX/UI design and clean code.


Enhance Customer Loyalty and Boost Retention with Email and SMS. Our specialized approach aims to not only grow your bottom line but also foster greater loyalty and brand affinity in today's dynamic digital environment.

Our Work

Our Work

3. Mashburn - Shopify Plus - eCommerce Consulting
2. Onward Reserve - Shopify Plus - UI/UX - Strategy
4. Nightrider Jewelry - BigCommerce - Magento Migration

Our Focus


We work with brands to grow direct-to-consumer (DTC) eCommerce businesses with a focus on Shopify Plus & BigCommerce websites.

Niche Marketplaces

Leverage ‘collaborative commerce’ via Olio and our expertise in niche marketplaces, brand management, onboarding, and custom design.


We create powerful, integrated, B2B eCommerce solutions with one goal—to deliver the best return on your investment.

Our Partners