2016 is over. What an incredible year! Personally, I witnessed the birth of my first born child (amazing), and professionally, Eastmont Group made major strides towards achieving its long term goals. All in all, we couldn’t be more proud of our team and their accomplishments! 2016 was truly a milestone year!

Unfortunately, many businesses can’t say the same. For one reason or another, key decision makers continue to overlook strategies that could have made 2016 a transformative year for their business. This year, don’t allow that to happen! Follow through on those New Year’s Resolutions for your business!

Here at Eastmont Group, we work with companies to understand their objectives, create an action plan, and through a variety of tactics, help them accomplish their goals. With that in mind, we wanted to provide some strategies (aka, New Year’s Resolutions) that can help businesses of all sizes in 2017. Therefore, during January and February we’ll release a series of blog posts that outline what businesses could (and should) be doing in 2017 to make this upcoming year a success!

Upcoming articles include:

  • Don’t Let Your Web Analytics Go Unnoticed in 2017: Harness that Data and Improve ROI
  • Is Your User Interface Helping or Hurting Conversion Rates? A/B Test in 2017 to Find Out
  • Your Email Marketing Could Be Better in 2017: Segment and Optimize for Better Success
  • Work Less & Convert More Sales: Automate Your Marketing Efforts for eCommerce Success in 2017
  • Social Media Efforts Falling Flat? Jumpstart 2017 with User Generated Content
  • Poor SEO Held You Back in 2016: Fix it in 2017
  • Curious About That Untapped Market? Use Paid Media to Determine It’s Viability for Your Business in 2017

Be sure to check out our Insights page periodically for the full articles. Then, harness that New Year’s energy and use these tips to improve your business in 2017.

Talk soon. Enjoy!