In the nine years since opening, Eastmont has grown in capability, focus and size. With our humble roots as a couple glorified freelancers, we’re now a passionate team of designers, strategists, marketers and developers, who are making a big difference for local and national brands. Our natural progression over those nine years has lead us to the Digital Commerce space, and now, we are officially planting our flag as a Digital Commerce Agency. Therefore, we needed our own name and brand identity to match.

What is a Digital Commerce Agency?

Marketing agencies come in many sizes and offer a wide range of services. And if you – as an agency – aren’t careful, you can quickly spin out of control, attempting to offer everything to everyone, without truly excelling. In an effort to avoid this trap, we identified our true passions, cross referenced them with our expertise, and ultimately reached our conclusion: we are a digital commerce agency. Whether its designing a beautiful, user-friendly site to market and sell your goods and services, or spreading your message and generating sales through the use of today’s ever-evolving digital marketing tactics – that’s where Eastmont truly excelled. 

In identifying digital commerce as our core focus, we were able to create extreme clarity on who we are as a company, what services we do (and don’t) offer to our clients, and how we approach the challenge of growing businesses in today’s digital economy.

The Identity of Eastmont

Our transition from a somewhat ambiguous marketing agency to a Digital Commerce Agency has come slowly and naturally, as our clients’ needs have shifted and our own services and expertise have come into focus. We’ve updated our website numerous times over the years, with each refresh allowing us to further convey our capabilities, mission and client work.

As we considered the possibility of rebranding, we discussed the brand equity that we had built over the years. After all, our personal networks and current clients had come to know “Eastmont”. And while Eastmont had a reputation behind it, we did some soul searching and decided that Eastmont Group was not becoming of who we wanted to be moving forward. With our commitment to digital commerce, we wanted to ensure that anybody who came across our company could quickly understand our value proposition, without losing all of the steam we had built over the last nine years with Eastmont.

Our New Brand

So after much discussion, we decided to take the next leap and rebrand as Eastmont Digital. It’s a subtle but meaningful shift for ourselves and for our future clients. Everything we’ve done for the last half decade has been totally digital, and with our renewed and restated focus on digital commerce, the exchange of Group for Digital felt like the right fit.

Once we agreed on the name shift, we also wanted to refresh our brand mark and logo. We ultimately decided to modernize our mark, add a splash of color, and produce a new brand identity that was more consistent with Eastmont Digital. Take a look at our new logo, and see if you can pick out the subtle meaning.

So, from this day forward, Eastmont Group is now Eastmont Digital. We’re the same cast of characters, but with a renewed sense of who we are, what we do, who we do it for, and how we go about it. We’re excited to see what the future holds!