It’s always exciting to get started on a new project, especially when it comes with a challenge.

The obstacle: how do you help a new, Atlanta-based accelerator stand out from the hundreds of seemingly similar programs around the world?

Our solution: simplicity.

We developed the Engage Ventures website with an approachable UX flow to allow the entrepreneurial spirit of managing director Thiago Olson and his team shine. In an age where its become second nature to judge a book by its cover, the web design allows both applicants and investors to easily understand how Engage stands out from other incubators.

Engage is capitalizing on an emerging trend- large corporations wanting to stay technologically relevant and their growing need to work with new partners to make it happen.
With Engage’s unique partner program, supported by our minimalistic UX design and development, we succeeded with helping Engage stand out in the tech world. You can read the TechCrunch feature here.