The work at a digital agency can be a lot of fun, but the real fun is made by the people who work here. Follow along as we profile our awesome team and answer some questions that help you get to know some of the makers and doers at Eastmont Group.

Next up is Christopher Kemeza, our fearless developer, designer and creative genius. Christopher was an accomplished designer and artist before honing his front-end development chops; really an irreplaceable utility player in the Eastmont Group lineup.

Get to know Christopher a little bit beyond the office:

What is your favorite part of working at Eastmont Group?

I think as a team we thrive on collaboration and exploring new ideas whenever possible. Having been an art student most my life, I’m accustomed to experimenting and working with a group. In my experience, the best results come when you combine all of the talent at your disposal and take advantage of what each person brings to the table. Eastmont Group’s process tends to be very collaborative and allows for a lot of growth.

If you could attend one concert of any band, dead or alive, whom would you see?

tumblr_mk0z4xKJei1rbg5ufo1_500I’m not the biggest concertgoer, but I do wish I could have been at Bercy Arena in Paris for Daft Punk’s Alive album recording in 2007.

It’s lunchtime. What are you eating?

In a perfect world, I would eat sandwiches all day, everyday. Since this is not a perfect world, and my diet is pretty unbalanced, I’ll be having a salad.

It’s party time. What are you drinking?

Bourbon on the rocks. Unless you can make a great Sazerac. That would be a game changer.

Tell us about some new technology that you are excited about.

VR is incredible. I can remember being a kid in the 90s and thinking that VR was the future. It’s crazy how much VR has evolved since those early Tron-esque game maps.

Where are you originally from? Any other stops before arriving in Atlanta?

I was born in Detroit and moved to Atlanta when I was in middle school. My dad let me weigh in on the decision to move to either Atlanta or Dallas. Texas is fine, I guess. But there’s so much going on in Atlanta right now. I’m pretty sure I made the right decision.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

Cycling_(road)_pictogram.svgI didn’t own a single Nike product for the first 27 years of my life. I know this isn’t the most grandiose surprise anyone has ever heard, but I was surprised when I realized it.

I’m obsessed with…

Competitive cycling and European football (KTBFFH!).

Dog or cat?

This is a tricky question for me. Ultimately, I think dog, though, I love the idea of cats. I really enjoy their seemingly unimpressed attitude toward humans.

Favorite sauce?

Sour Cream. I know. It’s not a sauce. But I don’t care. I can put it on anything and be happy.