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September 7, 2022 2023-08-16 18:14


We help connect the dots.

The path to achieving your business goals is never a straight line. We help connect the dots. We gain a deep understanding of our client’s current situation through diligent research and a variety of tactics. Whether we’re analyzing a user interface heat map, pouring through website traffic data or measuring sentiment across social media, our insights produce a better understanding of your target audience and expose new business opportunities for our clients.

Competitive Analysis

Our approach doesn’t start or end with basic metrics. Rather, our team works to understand the client’s current shortcomings and identify potential opportunities to improve, based on current competitors and emerging industry trends. From company messaging to user interface design; SEO to paid advertisements; we help our clients understand the market around them. From there, our clients can more accurately define relevant benchmarks and craft upcoming business objectives.

Persona Development

Prior to becoming an actual customer, an individual (or business) can sometimes feel like a nameless, faceless statistic on the internet. In this case, we work with clients to help define the target audience to better understand the marketplace and refine future strategies. Segmenting potential customers into a variety of categories provides a clearer path for the sales team and helps focus future marketing efforts around the company’s internal business objectives.

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