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October 13, 2022 2023-08-16 17:39


Make email great again. Seriously.

We help brands stand out, even in the most cluttered inboxes. Our clients send relevant and timely messages that engage the recipient and lead to additional interactions with the brand. From programmatic drip campaigns to automated abandoned cart reminders, we outline a comprehensive strategy that maximizes effectiveness and improves over time.


Imagine your email marketing platform working for you… around the clock. Our team of digital strategists works with brands to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of all email marketing efforts. From onboarding emails to shipping confirmations, our team automates your email, which allows vital personnel to remain focused elsewhere and helps your business grow.


Without the proper list organization, your email marketing efforts will continually fail to reach expectations. The individuals in your database expect to receive the right message at the right time. Email list segmentation enables brands to send highly targeted emails, featuring relevant content that engages subscribers and builds brand loyalty.

Ongoing Optimization

When it comes to email marketing, brands must have a willingness to test, implement and refine their tactics. At Eastmont Group, we believe this ongoing and iterative process is paramount to maximizing results and generating a positive return on investment. Our team of digital strategists continually track trends and identify opportunities to improve email content, titles and send times to produce tangible results for our clients.

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