Do you remember that moment in college when your beloved couch needed to be stored to survive the transition to a new place but storage places were too expensive? We sure do (RIP red couch…). Well, our friends at MyPorter have created a solution to such problems and we had the great opportunity to assist in this vision by building their site.

The site is some of our best custom development/web application work yet. The site is built on the Ruby on Rails framework and relies on a deep integration with Stripe to process payments, create subscriptions and manage all user data. There is also a totally custom back-end dashboard that we developed to enable MyPorter to troubleshoot customer service issues, schedule deliveries windows, update the storage status of items and so much more. We’re really proud of the depth and breadth of what this application can do!

Throughout the site, we detailed all of MyPorter’s fine services and charm, along with a pretty sweet animation to welcome you in. We figured the stress of having to find space to store all of those extra books, kayaks, files and albums was already enough before going to a website to find a solution. So, we created to calm your worries and guide you to forward-thinking, disruptive take on self-storage.


Basically, MyPorter stores your items based on what you need to store, rather than space needed. This means that instead of paying for a large storage unit, you can actually just pay a lot less for the single item to be stored in MyPorter’s facility. Cheap and simple, right? Did we also mention that they will come to your place to pick it up? They are like your nicest friend from college with a truck.

I’m sure, at this point, you’re convinced (as we are) of MyPorter’s greatness. They just launched here in Atlanta and are open for business. Go check them out and sign up!