How do you generate over 100 million organic impressions of your upcoming movie release? Like this.

The Challenge

Tyler Perry fans kept asking the same question. “How can I work with you?”

The multitalented producer / actor / singer / comedian was constantly inspiring millions through his work and personal achievements. And in fact, he had a history of discovering extremely talented people on YouTube. So, naturally, people wanted to know… “how can I work with Tyler Perry?”

Years back, during some casual brainstorming, TPS expressed an interest in hosting a national talent search. Unfortunately, either the timing wasn’t right or the appropriate infrastructure wasn’t in place to make it happen. Between the record-breaking TV shows, nationwide tours and box office hits… the talent search remained on the back burner. Until now.

Two months before Madea’s Witness Protection was set to hit theaters, our team was crafting some last minute social initiatives to help promote the upcoming release, but ultimately, we landed on something much more impactful: The Talent Search.

The Impact

Organic social media impressions

Competition entries

Acting career launched

The Strategy

Our team pitched TPS on a new – social media centric – version of the talent search. This iteration would harness the power of viral, user-generated content to build brand loyalty, promote the upcoming release of Madea’s Witness Protection and potentially launch the career of one very talented individual.

Here’s how we pitched it:

Tyler Perry hosts a “Talent Search” on YouTube to discover an upcoming actor, singer or comedian. By allowing contestants to showcase a wide range of talents, the competition will embody the spirit of Tyler Perry; actor, singer and comedian.

Contestants will be motivated to submit auditions due to the unique nature of the competition, along with the chance to be “discovered” by Tyler Perry himself. This winner will be entitled to a role in an upcoming Tyler Perry Studios Production (Movie, TV Show or Stage Play).

The competition will be hosted on YouTube and Facebook, where participants can…

  1. Submit a Video Audition and Share on Facebook/Twitter/Google+
  2. View Other Auditions, Vote for Favorites & Share Their Choices
  3. Sort Auditions by… Most “Likes,” Most Views (Day/Week/All Time) and Featured

Throughout the process, participants and interested onlookers will be greeted with Madea-inspired messaging to promote the upcoming movie release, while additional benefits will be granted to participants who view the official trailer and shared it across their personal networks.

The Results

Ultimately, the talent search was an enormous hit. Fans were overjoyed at the opportunity to participate, and over 100 million organic impressions of Madea’s Witness Protection content were generated.

Beyond that, Tyler Perry was so impressed with the winner that she received a fulltime offer to star in his newest TV show!