Our eCommerce experts helped fuel online sales – turning a strong local presence into an emerging national brand.

The Challenge

True Glory Hair had a great leadership team, strong local sales and a clear vision for the future. But like most growing businesses, company stakeholders sought to enter new markets, increase sales and eventually, compete on a national scale.

Internally, True Glory recognized the opportunity to parlay its sterling reputation in local markets into a national brand that could compete with larger, more established competitors. Our team was asked to play a pivotal role in this expansion by driving brand awareness beyond the company’s current markets through email marketing and paid advertising.

The Impact

Return on ad spend

Increase in conversion rate

Increase in revenue (MOM)

The Strategy

With the prompt clearly defined, our team of digital strategists, which includes MailChimp experts and certified Google specialists, outlined an immediate course of action.

On the surface, the plan was fairly simple: establish a more consistent email cadence and ongoing PPC strategy that could be tracked and improved moving forward. Customer segments were refined by purchase history, browsing patterns and geographic location (amongst several other characteristics) to ensure future marketing efforts remained engaging, relevant and highly targeted. In doing so, we could ensure that our efforts – and the client’s advertising budget – were both effective and efficient.

Additionally, our team crafted a custom Sales Attribution Model that helped both parties quantify the impact of our digital marketing efforts, going well beyond Google’s standard ‘last click attribution’. In doing so, we gained a better understanding of how our efforts to fuel each step in the sales funnel affected the bottom line, even if the potential lead had not yet become a True Glory customer. Through this process, we were able to identify several key performance indicators, which will act as the basis of future campaigns.

The Results

The impact of our collaboration was almost immediate. Increases in average order value, repeat customers and conversion rates fueled a 24% surge in overall revenue – much to the delight of both teams.

Now, our teams remain in an ongoing state of testing, refining and improving our strategies.