TEDx hosts world-class events with the assistance of world-class partners. And Eastmont Digital was honored to assist.

The Situation

TEDx Atlanta was searching for a visual design partner for the upcoming 2019 conference, and Eastmont Digital was one of several companies being considered. In order to qualify, the visual design partner must have strong creative capabilities, along with the willingness to provide in-kind services for a worthy cause. Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity. Our team had already held TEDx in very high regard, given their history of producing professional, thought-provoking content. And now, we wanted to help make TEDx 2019 the best conference yet.

The Breakdown

Unique Designs Created

Conference Attendees


The Solution

TEDx had a well-defined list of visual assets that needed to be created, but before we could enter production, we needed to establish the overarching creative direction for the entire conference. This year’s theme was CTRL + ALT + DEL, which was selected to help attendees reset their thoughts, opinions, and beliefs around technology, race, and societal norms. This year – more than ever before – TEDx wanted their attendees and speakers to think outside box. Therefore, our design work was meant to elicit those emotions.

Once the creative direction was established, our team began producing a long list of necessary assets. This included stickers, t-shirts, large banners, small banners, posters, lanyards, slideshow templates, speaker intro animations, print booklets, and website content. Plus, several other items that we may be forgetting!

The Results

After 6 months of hard work, it was finally March 15th. Our team had been working with TEDx throughout the lead up to make sure no stone went unturned. And thankfully, the event went off without a hitch. The animations ran smoothly; the large a banners fit perfectly; and the stickers were a hit! Our work was proudly displayed around the Rialto Theatre in Atlanta, GA, and our team enjoyed a great sense of pride as we were recognized for the small role we played in such a great event. Plus, we got to watch some incredible speeches!