Refreshing a brand, while reinforcing Star & Shield’s commitment to the community it serves.

The Challenge

Star & Shield was – and still is – a very unique company. Like most insurance companies, they provide coverage for cars, homes, motorcycles, boats and RVs. But unlike the competition, whose recycled messaging and monotonous sales pitches have become stale, Star & Shield had a refreshingly authentic value proposition.

Star & Shield is a member owned insurance company that exclusively serves the Public Safety community and their families. Not to mention, a large portion of their team is comprised of former law enforcement officers, firefighters and EMTs.

Unfortunately, the initial perception of the brand by potential customers wasn’t consistent with the quality of the company. Even though Star & Shield was on an upward trajectory, some first-time onlookers questioned the company’s “legitimacy” due to Star & Shield’s outdated aesthetics, below average web presence and inconsistent marketing tactics.

Therefore, we set out to rework the Star & Shield brand – from start to finish.

The Impact

Approved logo variations

Unique cross channel designs

Entirely reworked brand

The Strategy

Star & Shield – in particular, company leadership team – felt a deep connection and sense of responsibility to members of the public safety community. These public servants risk their lives to keep our communities safe, and somehow, the branding needed to reflect Star & Shield’s commitment to serving these people – who they held in the highest regard. On top of that, the Star & Shield had numerous derivations of the business that needed to be accounted for, including future branches that had not yet been created – but which also needed logos that were consistent with the overarching brand.

The requirements were stacking up. Nevertheless, our team of digital strategists and designers welcomed the challenge.

After gaining a much deeper understanding of the brand, the current Star & Shield members and the importance of symbolism within the public safety community, our team crafted a logo (along with additional complementary extensions of the logo) that truly embodied the brand.

The primary logo was crisp, clean and bold. It had a modern look that embraced the evolution of design tactics based on the explosion of web and mobile viewing. At the same time, it was versatile enough for print and physical designs – which was important, considering our ongoing efforts to rework and build the Star & Shield brand.

But most of all, the symbolism within the logo resonated with the public safety community and helped express Star & Shield’s honest appreciation for the men and women they serve.

Moving forward, we extended that look-and-feel into all visual accompaniments of the Star & Shield brand, including designs for web, print, email, PPC, social media and booth displays.

The Results

We had entirely reworked the Star & Shield brand. Plus, our thorough brand guidelines ensured that a professional consistency remained beyond the initial design phase.

Our efforts greatly improved the initial impression of the company and reinforced Star & Shield’s commitment to serving the public safety community.