Soapbox needed to refresh their ecommerce store with conversion optimization in mind, so we poured gas on the fire.

The Challenge

Soapbox is a modern, growing brand with a strong foothold in major retailers and hotel chains, but lacks the online shopping experience that their brand is capable of achieving. Their Shopify site was in need of attention, as customers were not receiving the best branded experience or being encouraged to convert at the rate that they should.

With the ultimate goal of updating the brand experience and boosting the conversion rate, we jumped in and set out to create a more modern and fitting user experience that was on-par with today’s most successful online brands.

The Impact

Increase in Conversion Rate

The Strategy

We worked directly with the Soapbox team to identify the lowest hanging fruit, and best opportunities to provide high-impact change to their shopping experience. We knew that customers were landing on their home page and bouncing from the site at an unusually high rate, so we set out to identify strategies and tactics that would engage users, get them to explore more, and become familiar with Soapbox’s products and brand.

Utilizing their fantastic library of product and lifestyle photography, we set out to overhaul the home page experience, paying specific attention to the addition of compelling calls-to-action and features that would compel users to become more engaged with the brand. Our UX team rapidly prototyped an updated set of panels on the home page that would increase customer engagement, all while providing a familiar, friendly shopping experience.

The Results

Through our close partnership with Soapbox, the site is now in better shape than ever and is converting at a significantly higher rate. Users who land on the home page are now met with significantly more targeted messaging and imagery, and are compelled to continue their shopping experience, inching them closer to checkout. Plus, the addition of a compelling customer referral program has created a new wave of Soapbox brand advocates, and the integration of a full-featued ratings and reviews experience with our partners at Yotpo has given site visitors more confidence than ever to buy.