Already on the verge of eCommerce success, our team helped Onward Reserve expedite that process.

The Challenge

Telling Onward Reserve its website was out of date wasn’t easy… especially since we built it! All things considered (and in fairness to our team) the website had a great run! Three years prior, Onward Reserve was just getting started, and now, the company can be found on the list of “Atlanta’s Fastest Growing Companies.”

Nevertheless, after three years of hard work and sustained growth, Onward Reserve was ready for a new website that was more consistent with modern web standards and the company’s overall level of quality.

The Impact

Reduction in bounce rate

Increase in average session duration

Increase in conversion rate

The Strategy

Our teams set out to identify every opportunity to improve the second iteration of, and through our collective efforts, drafted a strategic roadmap for eCommerce success in the coming year. Eastmont Group’s team of digital strategists presented KPIs (key performance indicators) that guided our decision-making, while the Onward Reserve administrative team provided insights into their daily process in hopes of alleviating some current pain paints. The results of those conversations were as follows: Onward Reserve needed a more intuitive user interface to create more enjoyable shopping experience, a responsive design to increase conversion rates by mobile shoppers and a more feature-rich shipping integration to improve the order fulfillment process. So, we got to work.

The Results

Shortly after launch, the results were clear. The new site kept users more engaged, helped streamline the order fulfillment process and ultimately, converted at a much higher rate. The new website laid the foundation for future growth, and helped maintain the level the quality and professionalism expected by the company founders and retail store patrons.