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The Challenge

MailChimp is extremely useful. Regardless of industry or business size, MailChimp can play an integral role in your ongoing email marketing efforts.

While preparing for the upcoming Magento Imagine Conference in Las Vegas, MailChimp employees were brainstorming creative ways to showcase their industry-leading platform, its toolset and the overall usefulness for Magento users.

All things considered, MailChimp had some great ideas, but they needed an agency partner with the necessary Magento and MailChimp expertise… not to mention, some public speaking skills.
That’s where we came in.

The Strategy

During tradeshows, MailChimp easily attracts attendees to its booth by offering a variety of MailChimp-themed giveaways, including t-shirts, stuffed animals, and useful desk accessories. Unfortunately, this would have required MailChimp to ship the items back and forth to Las Vegas, tote them around, and over pack their limited booth space with stuffed monkey dolls (amongst other things). So… this year, they wanted to do something different.

To shake things up, we built a custom eCommerce site (with Magento, of course) that would allow attendees to select their preferred piece of company swag, checkout online with free redemption codes, and have the item shipped directly to their home address. It was a great plan! Not to mention, Eastmont Group could show off the power of MailChimp throughout various stages of the purchasing process; starting with a welcome email to conference attendees that included a free redemption code to the MailChimp store and ending with an order confirmation email that included shipping information.

As you can see, this plan would allow MailChimp to demonstrate its value to Magento users with real-world use cases. Plus, with the Eastmont Group partners involved, attendees would receive a firsthand testimonial from the agency who designed the user interface, developed the eCommerce store and automated the site’s email communication via MailChimp.

The Results

In the end, the conference was a huge success. MailChimp and Eastmont Group made two presentations, which simultaneously highlighted the platform’s ease of use for entry-level users, while discussing the advanced tactics that more accomplished email marketers and enterprise level clients should be utilizing.