Engage launches industry-disrupting businesses backed by Fortune 500 CEOs. But we helped launch Engage.

The Challenge

Engage is a new, “independent venture fund, established and financed by some of the most influential corporations in the world. [It’s] mission is to strengthen collaboration and partnership between leading corporations and top entrepreneurs.”

With that in mind, the firm needed a strong online presence that reflected the level of quality and professionalism that the board had come to expect. Not to mention, when trying to attract the most promising early-stage businesses to their portfolio, Engage’s web presence would need to satisfy the expectations young entrepreneurs, as well as, the Fortune 500 CEOs who sat on the board.

The Strategy

To begin, our team worked to gain a better understanding of Engage’s short and long term business objectives, which in turn, allowed us form our technical recommendations for the new website. As it turned out, the project had an extremely aggressive timeline. So, launching the site in phases allowed Engage to hit predetermined deadlines, without compromising the quality.

Based on what we learned, our team recommended a custom WordPress development that would allow the Engage team to easily manage content – in particular, the Press section – while allowing for future additions to the site, that weren’t 100% necessary in the short term. As always, we included the proper SEO extensions to help their team continually author search-friendly content, customized the CMS to their standards to ensure for easy editing moving forward, and developed the user interface using Bootstrap to create a mobile-friendly responsive design.

The Results

Engage was off and running in less than 1 month! Not to mentioned, the firm filled its portfolio shortly after the website launch. Now they’re proud to tout portfolio companies like, Fast Radius, Sudu and Employ Us – while already looking towards their next round of high-potential startups. By building the site on an open source CMS, we equipped Engage with a flexible website that could expand and adapt to the company’s evolving business needs, no matter what the future holds.