Compeat, the leader in restaurant management software, wanted a revamped online presence, along with a profitable and predictable source of qualified sales leads. So we delivered.

The Challenge

Through their recent work with Eastmont Group, Compeat was equipped with a fresh new look and a website that was more consistent with the quality and professionalism of the company. Now, Eastmont Group was tasked with the challenge of generating new business opportunities for Compeat through a comprehensive paid media strategy.

The Impact

Reduction in cost per conversion

Return on social ad spend

Return on total ad spend

The Strategy

After working with Compeat through their rebranding and website redesign, our team of digital strategists was very familiar with the company, its value proposition and the target customer – which in this case was restaurants. We worked together to identify the key decision makers within the restaurant management structure and built a targeted paid media strategy that displayed the most relevant Compeat software solution, based on that target’s position at the restaurant. In doing so, we were able expose potential leads the most applicable and relevant software features for their department and immediately produce a healthy click through rate and interested leads.

Our team aimed to target in-market individuals throughout different stages of the buying process. Therefore, we rolled out a wide ranging, yet cohesive plan that utilized the Google, Facebook and LinkedIn advertising networks to target the right leads, at the right time.

The Results

Our team was able to generate immediate results. Compeat began converting new leads into customers within the first week. Now, through our ongoing iterative process, we seek continually increase our client’s return on investment. Therefore, we test, refine and improve ad performance across all platforms, while investigating new opportunities to engage potential customers. For example, over the first 6 weeks, we reduced the cost per conversion by 85%, week over week. Now, along with a fresh new look and a new website, Compeat has a predictable (and profitable) source of consistent sales leads to help fuel business growth.