Apex invested in it’s online presence. Now, the company is already seeing the positive returns.

The Challenge

Apex, an industry leader in Human Capital Management software, identified an opportunity to grow it’s business through a revamped online presence. The software had been growing in popularity over the past few years, and with a new infusion of capital from investors, Apex was poised to take another leap forward.

Unfortunately, the current look and feel of the brand didn’t instill confidence in potential customers. As Apex would admit, the aesthetics were dated and the website had fallen well behind modern standards. The company knew improvements could be made, but they needed an agency who could provide some strategic guidance and execute properly.

So, that’s where we came in.

The Impact

Assisted conversion increase (MoM)

Conversion Increase (MoM)

Projected ROAS (thru 3M)

The Strategy

Rather than diving straight in, our team took the time to gain a better understanding of the industry and where Apex fit within the competitive landscape. Then, our team worked closely with company decision makers to gain outline their business objectives, beyond simply, “make more money.”

Of course, the primary goal was attract more potential customers through our online marketing efforts, but beyond that, there were several nuances and internal business objectives to consider.

Ultimately, our strategy revolved around the following…

  1. Refresh the brand by designing a new logo and refining the company’s core value proposition
  2. Launch a new website that would appeal the HCM professionals and drive interest in the software
  3. Roll out a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that would build brand awareness, generate leads and increase conversions

The Results

For Apex, the results were almost immediate. Coupled with our paid advertising strategy, the new website saw traffic increase by 10x over the prior year. Beyond that, visitors were staying longer and converting at a higher rate. All things considered, the results were positive across the board. Since the website launch, we have expanded our role with Apex, and moving forward, we look forward to helping the company expand it’s sales funnel and further important business objectives.