We’re elated to announce that our latest work is live! PawedIn.com is a community for pet parents and pet professionals to connect, offering directories, ratings, reviews and communication tools for animal lovers.

PawedInAlong the lines of ZocDoc or Porch, PawedIn gives pet parents access to a wealth of information about local pet pros, like veterinarians, boarding and grooming services. Pet parents can connect with their favorite pros as well as other pet parents. PawedIn hopes to grow these connections into the premier network of pet lovers and seeks to modernize the ways that pet parents seek information and make decisions when it comes to their furry friends.

PawedIn.com was built on two main web platforms with distinct and important features for deep and broad functionality: Ruby on Rails and WordPress. The main pet parent/pro networking area was built with Ruby on Rails, allowing users to create profiles for themselves and their pets, and connect with the multitude of pet pros. Features like ratings, reviews and geolocation were also paramount to PawedIn’s core functionality, so Rails was the perfect choice to scale the site’s features up efficiently.

PawedIn BlogAdditionally, PawedIn features a wealth of pet and animal related stories to laugh and learn about our furry friends. The content portion of the site was built using WordPress, giving the PawedIn team deep functionality and publishing tools to maximize the articles’ content and reach.

While we don’t like to brag, we think that the PawedIn site is some of our best work yet. Check them out, and take a few minutes to create your pet’s profile and connect with some of your favorite pet pros!

Stay tuned for more posts in the near future detailing the depth of the technology behind PawedIn!